Tips to convert your web traffic

Every business website should be able to attract enough traffic and also be able to convert the traffic into potential customers. There are several ways to do it. This article talks about a few key tips for converting the web traffic into potential customers:

High quality content

Having high quality content means updated information and authentic material about the business & services offered in the form of About Us, Contact Us or Customer Service Information. It is important for a business website to create a sense of trustworthiness and be regarded as an expert in a particular domain among its visitors and potential customers. This ensures that the website maintains a high recall value. It also ensures that more visitors get converted into customers.

High quality content

Create a good landing page

Having a high quality landing page (s) is one of the key strategies companies can adopt to get more traffic on the site. High quality landing pages will have clear and concise headlines, sub-headlines, high quality images, high-value proposition, live-chat support to attract more visitors. At times, when one page does not do the trick, websites can have multiple landing pages to get their different type of visitors to stay on the website.

Create a good landing page

Have a blog

A blog can ensure that the website is up-to-date on current events on the specific subject. If the website has a consistent stream of visitors who receive solutions to their problems through the blog. These people will have enough reasons to come back to the blog again. And considering the blogs succeeds at a reader’s level, it can ensure that the visitors register for the blog for regular updates.

Have a blog

Call to Action (Create a prominent call to action)

Anybody who comes to the website needs to be asked to commit to an action on having reached the website. On having reached the homepage, the visitor needs to be guided to a call to action (CTA).It could be as simple as “Sign-up for Free” or “7-Day Trial”. This will ensure the visitor takes the required action on the website. Without a call for action, the website might be popular but the bounce rate would remain high.


Testimonials and customer reviews

Word of mouth is an important phenomenon in the marketing domain. Testimonials and customer reviews are to be taken very seriously by the website owner. Having them on the site immediately establishes trust and authenticates the purpose of the company. This in turn, improves the chances of turning a visitor into a customer.

Testimonials and customer reviews

Unique, interesting and persuasive content

Apart from high quality content, the website should boast of well-researched content that is unique. It is also good, if the writing style is persuasive so that it serves as a key tool in converting the visitors. The aim here is to increase the stickiness and decrease the bounce rate of the site.

Keep forms only to the essential

Nowadays, every website has a set of forms to be filled-in. Some of these forms could be quite long and cumbersome which could be a turn off. The ideal form should be short, not exceeding 4-5 fields. If it exceeds this limit, it is seen that the visitor tends to abandon the site altogether. Keeping it to a bare minimum is the trick to make him register on the site.

Offer a toll free number and make it visible

With landing page and call to action in place, it is important to follow up on these steps with a provision for a toll free number. This will ensure that the visitor gets in touch with the website owner if required. The phone call will also help identify that the visitor as serious and with a potential to becoming a customer.

Offer a toll free number and make it visible

Allow visitors to reach for the products in fewer clicks as possible

Whatever your product may be, it is essential that the visitor on the site reaches the product or the topic of interest easily without having to sift through too many pages. The more the visitor struggles to reach the actual product, the greater is the chance of him leaving the website. Hence, it is amply important that he reaches the product and service with minimum number of clicks as possible.

Collateral materials (Ebook, whitepapers, case study)

Even if a customer is not interested in a site, it is always a good idea to gift the visitor with something when he comes to the site. This could be an E-book, whitepapers or a case study for free. This could significantly improve the chances of the visitor coming back to the site to get converted a customer in the future.

Implementing all the above mentioned tips for winning more conversions is time demanding. So, outsourcing some of the above tasks to a Virtual Assistant may reduce your work stress as well as enrich your inputs.

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Six Virtual Assistant services you must opt for a merrier Christmas

It’s time to make merry, decorate trees with mistletoes and stars, because Christmas is just around the corner. We all know that it is a busy season for Santa Clause and so it is for small business owners like you. It’s a shorter working month for you, above that you have to launch seasonal campaigns, host parties, dinners and manage all sorts of festivities. Santa manages his load of work with the assistance of his elves but what about you?

Don’t worry, just like elves are there for Santa, there are Virtual assistants for you. Doing everything on your own in this festive season could be overwhelming. Now is a good time to outsource some of those piled up tasks to Virtual Assistants. It will decrease your stress; ensure quality deliverance along with timely accomplishment. In order to reap the best benefits of outsourcing you must outsource the right things. Here, we list out six such tasks you must outsource this holiday season to make the most of Virtual Assistance:

Sending your clients Seasonal Greetings:

Let your business clients know how much you value them -wish them a merry Christmas and a happy new year. You can easily outsource such seasonal greetings campaign to a virtual assistant. If outsourced to an expert e-mail marketer, it will run smoothly and efficiently without adding to your stress.


Calendar maintenance and reminder setting:

As already stated, Christmas season is loaded with festivities as well as business errands and it is likely to miss out on something important. Maintaining a calendar and setting reminders to accomplish everything on time will help you sail smoothly through the season. Outsourcing calendar maintenance will save time and make your schedule easier to manage.


Settle all accounts:

This season awaits a fresh New Year and it is good to start the New Year with a fresh financial account. Which means it is an ideal time to settle your payable and receivable accounts. It requires a lot of time and patience, so outsourcing this to your virtual book-keeping team will save you time and money.


Gifting your clients:

Just like sending seasonal e-mails to delight your clients, you may send them gifts as well. Sending gifts is again a time consuming procedure. All the tasks, right from segmenting your list of clients for personalizing the gifts till purchasing the gifts and sending them to their respective addresses can easily be offloaded to a Virtual Assistant.


Social media marketing:

An interesting new social media campaign is a magnet of client attraction for this season. Creating Christmas themed videos for Facebook and YouTube, initiating a contest in twitter or Facebook, making an Instagram film and other similar initiatives will help further your brand goals. Outsourcing seasonal social media marketing to expert virtual assistants will improve the engagement your audience.

Social Media Marketing

Making travel itinerary:

After working for a long year you need a break away from the routine and to spend quality time with your loved ones. But you can enjoy the vacation only after going through a host of boring errands like booking flight tickets, finding the right hotel, hunting a suitable travel agent and the like. These errands can also be very efficiently accomplished by virtual assistants.


Outsourcing the above mentioned errands will free up your time to focus on your core business and wrap up the important things on time before you leave for your much awaited vacation. You will be able to strike a balance between your work and festivities, which in turn will help you enjoy longer and happier hours with your family.

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Gift your Loved ones the ‘Gift of Time’ this Christmas

Ho ho ho Christmas is just around the corner.

Christmas kindles our emotions. It is the season for expressing love and joy in the form of family get-togethers, merry making and gifting. In fact, gifting is one of the most enjoyed traditions of Christmas. The joy of gifting is in delighting our loved ones. So, gifts must actually satisfy the desires and needs of our loved ones. During Christmas, almost everyone yearns to spend more time with their families, take days off in dream destinations, revel with old friends, and decorate trees and all the more. More than anything else, the first thing we all need for fulfilling these wishes is time. Yes, ‘time’ makes for a unique gift this Christmas season. In order to make your Christmas merrier than usual GetFriday brings to you ‘the Gift of Time’.


On the flip side, festive season also means a lot of chores, both business and personal. For businesses it means wrapping up all your pending accounts and initiating new marketing promotions/activities for the festive sales. While back at our home, our loved ones wait for us to be a part of in a string of festivities and parties. It’s a challenge to strike a balance between our work and personal life amid this load of activities until and unless someone assists us.

GetFriday’s Gift of Time is a package of hours for which the recipient may avail Virtual Assistance for a range of errands from travel arrangements to data curation. So, while the Virtual Assistant handles all these errands, the recipient may enjoy these free hours. So, you may send this Gift of Time to your loved ones and help them offload the seasonal workload and thereby help them enjoy a carefree holiday season. Follow the steps below to gift time to your near and dear ones this Christmas:

1. Purchase a GetFriday digital gift card
2. Gift it to your loved ones or your friends/family.
3. Your loved one will outsource errands to a Virtual Assistant who will take care of everything.


So while a Virtual Assistant takes care of these chores, your loved one may use his/her freed up time to travel, revel and focus on things that are more important for making a merrier Christmas.

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Quickbooks and Virtual Assistance – a golden duo for book-keeping

The journey of thousand miles begins with one step – Lao Tzu.

Ben the owner of a startup in Australia, was overwhelmed by his business errands. Owning a startup in a competitive business environment and growing his business was in itself a challenge. On top of that, handling and tracking expenses added to his worries. He knew, the solution was in efficient book-keeping but he lacked resources for the same. So he decided to outsource one of his book-keeping tasks to GetFriday. He started with outsourcing monthly invoice maintenance which included updating bills from vendors and invoice for the clients. This was his first step towards success and it worked out wonderfully.

GetFriday’s team of QuickBooks experts created Ben’s QuickBooks account which was linked to contact details of all his clients and vendors. They customized invoices with ‘create invoice’ feature of QuickBooks. Apart from customizing invoices, Ben’s Virtual Assistance team scheduled, tracked and sent invoices to his clients. All these activities of invoicing were accomplished through QuickBooks’s built-in features. Just like they managed invoicing, GetFriday team also updated Ben’s bills from vendors in an accurate and timely manner. Thus with QuickBooks and virtual assistance, Ben’s accounting became simpler and efficient. After he got comfortable with GetFriday’s assistance, Ben started outsourcing the task of budget tracking. For this, Ben’s Virtual Assistants matched and verified his income and expense accounts. This freed his accounts from errors and kept his finances safe. Thus, Ben got a better control over his expenses. By now, GetFriday Assistants had won Ben’s trust and he outsourced the task of reconciling his expenses with his bank statements.


As a direct result of outsourcing, finances turned out to be the most efficiently managed function of his business. He did not have to invest extra resources for making financial reports as it was auto generated by his QuickBooks account. QuickBooks‘s report generation feature yielded financial details of various aspects whether it be transaction details or a customer report. Ben could now understand his financial loopholes and opportunities. With all these insights, he was able to focus on realizing his objectives.

Just like Ben, many other small-business owners crave for more efficient solutions for managing their finances. QuickBooks is a leading software for managing the accounts of small business. It comes with many features to simplify the accounting processes but its benefits are best seen with expert handling.

Ben’s decision of outsourcing to GetFriday paid him in the long run, because GetFriday boasts of a team of QuickBooks experts. GetFriday’s QuickBooks team’s expertize includes:

Account maintenance:

  • Creating and sending invoices to customers based on requirement.
  • Updating customer payments
  • Sending weekly pending invoices to clients based on follow up
  • Matching bank transactions with invoices
  • Reconciliation of customer, vendor and stock accounts:

  • It involves matching of all balances of band and books of accounts.
  • Reporting and Analyzing financial statements:

  • Analyzing monthly, quarterly and annual comparison report.
  • Preparing customized reports
  • For small business owners, it is often an expensive affair to hire and employ an expert bookkeeping team in-house. Even if he/she is enough rich to employ an in-house team, it is definitely a leaner choice to outsource bookkeeping to Virtual Assistants. There are two types of Quickbooks accounts viz, ‘the online account’ and ‘the desktop account’. The online account is a real time account and it can be availed by paying a monthly fee. The desktop account is accessible only when the account manager shares the details with an authorized person and one can use a desktop account with installed payments. So, one may avail any of these QuickBooks accounts as per one’s convenience.


    One advantage of using Quickbooks is that is customizable. It has customized industry specific packages for contractors, retailers, health care and non-profit organizations. Above that, when virtual assistants manages your Quickbooks accounts, your accounting overheads are reduced. Thus, a Quickbooks’ account managed by a Virtual Assistant makes book-keeping easier and efficient for small businesses.

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    Join hands with Virtual Assistants for designing a perfect landing page

    The effectiveness of a landing page cannot be over emphasized for conversions in digital marketing. A landing page is usually the first web page where you land when you visit a website or when you search for a service or product. Some landing pages are specifically designed for a particular audience segment or used for capturing lead information with a fill-up form for the visitors. Investing your resources in a good landing page will aid you in meeting your revenue targets. Statistics show that firms which have used 30 or more landing pages generate up to 7 times more leads than the ones which have used 10 or less landing pages. Some of the well known benefits of using landing pages are as follows:

  • Using good landing pages will enable you to focus your efforts towards conversions
  • Landing pages also make it easier to target audiences
  • Landing pages are sources of information about converted audience. So, they are useful for earning insights into the factors which convince browsers to convert into leads. So, they are useful records for analysis and improvement of your marketing efforts.
  • perfect-landing-page

    The appropriate design for a landing page depends on the goals of your marketing campaign. The tasks which are involved in making a landing page are content writing, designing and coding. It requires creative, logical and analytical thinking for systematically aligning your landing page with your marketing goals. So, hiring people of all the required skills for making a good landing page and employing them full time within an organization could be a costly affair for a small business.

    Virtual Assistance, if used judiciously for designing landing pages, might prove to be effective in terms of time and money.

    What should you outsource to a virtual assistant for your landing page design?

    Here we list out a few tasks which goes into designing a landing page, which are best, outsourced to Virtual Assistants.

    For making the layout and flow of the page: Layout and flow of a landing page are two aspects which make the page presentable. Hiring a Virtual Assistant for implementing the code for a good layout and flow is very worthy as it is time consuming and as well as it requires knowledge of coding.


    For customization of a landing page according to target segment: Landing pages convert visitors into leads, but they yield the best results when audiences are segmented and the page is designed to meet their expectations. So if you use a virtual assistant for making a landing page with an extended logic of segmentation which reaches audience with customized content, you will reap the best results.


    Earn relevant backlinks: Earning relevant backlinks for your landing page will optimize it for search engines. It is good if your landing page earns backlinks from popular review sites, directories and other referral pages relevant to your business.


    Content writing for your landing page: You landing page must include succinct and lucid content which raises the interest of visitors and encourages them to click through the page. The content must suit all the icons and call to action graphics used in the page. A Virtual Assistant meets all these requirements at cost-effective rates.


    Keyword optimization: Keyword optimization is another important practice apart from backlinking for search engine optimization. Though a landing page usually contains less content, it must include the right keywords. This is another aspect where virtual assistance is very useful.


    Hiring Virtual Assistants for creating landing page is beneficial when it is an occasional requirement for marketing.

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    Barnacle SEO – A key to a winning SEO marketing

    If you are an SEO marketer, this phrase, ‘A key to a winning SEO strategy’, must have spontaneously reminded you of keyword marketing, website restructuring, URL structuring, link building, back-linking and the like. In fact, SEO is a mixture of analytical and creative practices and each of these is important to get the benefits of SEO. The importance of each of the SEO practices, be it keyword research or link-building, depends significantly on the algorithm of the search engine you select for marketing. So, a good SEO strategy is implementation of SEO practices according to their relevance. It’s just like a master-chef cooking that perfect recipe using the right ingredients in the right proportions.

    There are some SEO practices which have not received their due importance from search engine marketers. One of them is Barnacle SEO. If you are a marketer who emphasizes on local search marketing then Barnacle SEO is an important aspect that cannot be overseen. You might be wondering what this Barnacle SEO is all about.

    What is Barnacle SEO?

    Barnacle SEO is inspired by the nature of barnacles. A barnacle is a marine creature with a hard shell which sticks permanently to rocks or other huge marine animals like whales. So the motive of a Barnacle SEO is – “attaching oneself to a large fixed object and waiting for the customers to float by in the current”. Barnacle SEO leverages on earning reviews and listings in a high ranking directory or review site.

    Essentials of Barnacle SEO implementation:

    Select and prioritize your review sites:

    First, use the right keywords and track all the top-ranking review sites and directories in the result page. For instance, if your business is about Eco Resorts, then type keywords such as Eco Resorts or Eco Tourism, or Eco Resort in Bangkok considering if your Resort is in Bangkok. Your Search Engine Result page will give you a number of reputed review sites like Tripadvisor and Expedia. You must prioritize reputed sites to get reviews. In fact, a listing in a standard review site will earn you more clicks than an individual website.

    Build good profiles in reputed sites:

    Make your profile as attractive as possible in the directory or the review site. Include all basic information details sought by searchers like your business name, address, phone number, website and e-mail. Also include pictures of your business in review sites.

    Man Working in the Office Regarding Accounting

    Link Building:

    In order to rank well in a SERP, earn links to your reviews and listings. Link it from your own website as well as other locally oriented websites like charities, Chambers of Commerce and the like.


    Advantages of Barnacle SEO:

    Some of the advantages of Barnacle SEO are

    Brand Equity building:

    Just imagine you are looking for a family restaurant in your town. You will obviously be interested in a restaurant with a 5 star rating over another with a 3 star rating. Customer ratings are also an important factor considered by Google algorithms for determining a Google rank. Moreover, potential customers are more likely to take reviews published on a reputed site more seriously.


    Right answer to right audience:

    Just Getting listed in reputed local directories like Yellow Pages will connect with the right audiences looking for your service or product. This bridges the usual disconnect between the information on your website and your searchers.


    Mobile friendly experience:

    Barnacle SEO emphasizes on listings and reviews in reputed sites. The loading time of such sites is much faster than regular websites. These sites are friendly for information extraction and browsing.

    online shopping with smart phone in woman hand

    Reviews are not the only factors for getting better ranking. The recent updates in Google algorithm are increasingly emphasizing on quality and quantity of reviews. The extent of influence of reviews also depends on the industry of your business. Some industries are more influenced by reviews. For instance, the tourism industry and the entertainment industry are more likely to be influenced by user reviews because people seek peer recommendations before opting for these services and products.

    Barnacle SEO is often a time consuming task. Its takes a lot of effort to find reputed sites and create good content to be listed. Some of these activities related to Barnacle SEO are better outsourced to a SEO expert assistant. It is inexpensive as well as more efficient.

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    Improve your search engine rank by refreshing your content

    Content creation and search engine optimization are two very important facets of digital marketing. These two are significantly interrelated. SEO without quality content is meaningless and so is content without SEO. Search Engine spiders look for content quality and qualify content which meets the standards. So, if you are a digital marketer, who wishes to improve your search engine rank, your SEO must be based on content quality.

    A search engine algorithm determines content quality according to a number of factors such as the use of keywords, freshness of content, relevance of content, engagement rate and the like. Freshness of content is an important factor to earn good scores from a search engine algorithm.

    Freshness as a Rank influencer:

    Freshness has been a long standing factor for Google ranking. Google engineers have worked on to provide a roadmap for Google algorithm’s in the future and what is the role of freshness in it. The freshness score for a particular topic is also dependent on the nature of the topic.

    The Google expert Amit Singhal once said “Different searches have different freshness needs.” The freshness score you earn for your content depend on what kind of queries you receive. The content types which usually need frequent fresh content area:

  • Recent events or hot topics: “occupy oakland protest” “nba lockout”
  • Regularly recurring events: “NFL scores” “dancing with the stars” “exxon earnings”
  • Frequent updates: “best slr cameras” “subaru impreza reviews”
  • Whether a topic is regularly recurring or recently trending, it is determined by google in terms of social volume, media coverage and social media trend score for the respective topic.


    Some of the important factors which are used by google algorithms to determine freshness are as follows:

    Freshness as per inception date:

    The freshness score for a piece of content decays over time. The inception date is an important factor that google takes into account while rating the freshness of the content. The inception date is the date when, Google first becomes aware of the document and Googlebot indexes the document and discovers a link to it.

    Quality change matters for freshness:

    A change in an unimportant sentence does not refresh your content as much as a large change in the body of the content. If you update links in your website, the other sentences relevant to that link must also be updated to improve the freshness score.

    creative quality increase graph design

    Refresh the core of your content:

    Refresh the core of your content by changing content in the main body. Changes in sidebar including links in sidebar, footer copy doe not matter much to enhance freshness.


    Frequency of updating:

    Frequency of updating is another factor for measuring score of freshness. Frequency of updating depends on what your content is all about. For instance, if you have a news website, it needs a daily update and if it is a technology service website, even a monthly update may be sufficient.

    New pages improve your freshness score:

    The freshness score of your website will increase if you add an entirely new page rather than improvising on your old page.


    Fresh Links from fresh websites improve the freshness score:

    The freshness score of a website is even influenced by the freshness score of the other websites linking to it. So, earning new links from fresh websites improve the freshness score of a website. So, earn new links from new websites high on freshness score. Earning links in a steady manner rather than earning links which are irrelevant. Earning new links increases freshness score but at the same time, the links must be relevant and from quality websites.


    So, updating content is a quality oriented process and it must be done regularly. Yet updating is often a tedious process. Ensuring quality updating is easily achievable when you take the help of your assistant. For content refreshing, your assistant must have some knowledge of both content and SEO. So outsourcing such work of updating to a Virtual Assistant may be a good option.

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    Give your business a winning edge with effective content marketing strategy

    Content marketing is an aspect of marketing which focuses on creating, distributing and analyzing content for target audience. In fact, content marketing is a cyclic process which includes the broad steps of content creation, content distribution, evaluation, analysis and content optimization. Nowadays content marketing is usually driven online but it is not limited to online activities. Billboard ads, TV ads, FM ads, jingles and the like are all various forms of content and their effects are augmented with content marketing. Content marketing is usually objectified to draw in more customers but nowadays the use of content has moved beyond merely attracting prospects. Nowadays content marketing is used even for sales conversion and closing. Thus, content marketing has evolved to be a broad field with deep influence in multiple aspects of the overall marketing.

    Content is an umbrella word with its significance in every step of marketing, whether it is in introducing a new brand in the market or closing sales with a customer of the brand. In fact, the process of fan building for a brand starts with the making of good content. Thus, content is important in every step of a marketing process and so is content marketing.

    A mere content marketing is not enough to fetch the best benefits. The results you reap from your content marketing depend on the quality of your content marketing. But it is also very important to strategize the marketing of the generated content. A good way to begin this would be to align it with the fundamentals of your business – the basic objectives of the business, the customer value proposition, brand value et al. Strategizing content marketing is an expansive term to be explained in this blog. A lot depends on the present state of your business, its target audience, it short and long term goals. So, content marketing strategies would differ according to these factors. Yet, a few standard rules must be followed by every content marketer and they are stated as below.

    The entire content marketing includes broadly the steps of creation, distribution, evaluation and analysis. Each of these steps must be fortified with some rules as follows:

    Rules for the making of great content:

    Understand your target audience:

    Understand your target audience in terms of their lifestyle, behavior, demographics and similar relevant parameters. Once you understand your target audience, analyze and list out their needs and how they react to their needs, what information they seek in regards to their needs and what information might excite them.


    Make your content easily understandable:

    Make your content easily understandable for your audience by avoiding jargons, using a reader friendly language, including infographics, etc.


    Enrich your content with information:

    Customize your content with relevant information by understanding where your audiences stand in the buyer’s journey. This will help to create useful content. For instance, if your audience is in the state of comparing you with your competitors for making the purchase decision your content must assist the decision making by reflecting how your service or product is differentiated from your competitors. And if your audience is interested in making the purchase, make it easier by using simple easy to navigate payment options and call to action buttons.


    Tips for content distribution:

    Reflect and decide:

    As you start with your content distribution you must reflect upon the following questions:

  • Why do you want your audience to use your content?
  • Where do your audiences mostly consume content?
  • How frequently do they use content?
  • The answers of these questions will set the guidelines for your content distribution. For instance, if you want your content to boost engagement and talk about your brand, a social media platform like Facebook is a good bet for you. Otherwise, if you want a large reach, you should opt for a paid search advertising network. If you want high returns with reach to niche audience, you should stress on SEO or organic marketing of your content in a media like LinkedIn.


    Optimize for Social Media:

    Optimize your social media distribution strategy by posting your content at the optimum frequency, using share buttons, using visuals, sharing bite-sized succinct and attractive content.

    Social Media Optimization

    Distribute your content uniformly:

    You may distribute your content in multiple media yet there must be a uniformity of your content throughout all media. The essence of your content like the value proposition, unique selling proposition should be the same in all the media. It will enhance your brand equity in your audiences.


    Measuring ROI:

    The right parameters reflect right ROI:

    If you want to measure the success of your content marketing, select the right parameters to measure it. Selection of parameters for measuring ROI depends on your content marketing objectives. If your want more fans for your brand then engagement rate and rate of shares found are two parameters which will give you the right ROI.

    ROI - return of invertelment concept in word tag cloud on white background

    Analyze and improve:

    Once you measure ROI for your content marketing, start analyzing to close the gaps and opportunities. Make a SWOT matrix and utilize the scope for improvement. This way, you will step up your content marketing strategy towards perfection at every cycle.

    Man Working in the Office Regarding Accounting

    The above discussed rules of content will help you meet the expectations of your audience, it enhances the success of your business.

    Content marketing is often a time consuming task. It requires regularity, dedication and most importantly professionalism. Specially, if you are already occupied with other tasks, content might become an unmanageable burden for you. A worthier way of managing content marketing is to outsource it to content expert virtual assistants, may be a content expert from GetFriday.

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    Tips for Successful E-mail Marketing

    If the title of this blog fascinated you, you must be an e-mail marketer. As you start your e-mail marketing you must reconcile the varied experiences invoked by e-mails – your inbox brimming with numerous mails every morning, finding useful information from an unexpected yet valuable mail, getting bombarded by spam e-mails, your delight at the reception of a long awaited mail and the like. In simple words, your e-mails are an intimate part of your daily life.

    E-mails are a mode of daily communication for over billions across the world Over 144 billion e-mails are sent daily all over the internet. In an era of versatile communication channels, e-mail remains one of the choicest channels of marketing communication all the time. There are a number of reasons behind this lasting popularity of e-mails. A few of them are:

  • E-mails have a large reach.
  • E-mails reach the recipients at their individual level.
  • E-mails allow you a speedy communication at a lesser price.
  • No wonder, E-mail is an expedient tool for marketers. E-mail marketing, if supported by an effective strategy, might drive the fortune of your business. Here, we sort out some useful tips to make your e-mail marketing all the more effective:

    Segment your e-mail recipients:

    As you start your e-mail marketing journey, you must segment your recipients. Segmenting is a very systematic process, which may be based on different parameters like demographics, geographic or psychological. Once you segment your audience in a systematic manner you will be able to understand many other aspects like at what frequency you must send your e-mails to different segments, tone of writing a message for striking the interest of a segment and the like. This way you will be able to tailor customized e-mails for each segment and address the specific needs of each segment. This improves your e-mail open rate.


    Reach your recipients at their individual level:

    Taking a step forward on segmentation as discussed above, marketers may create mails to reach recipients at their individual level. In fact, customizing mails is an art reinforced by segmentation. E-mails are an excellent mode of one- to-one communication, so make the recipient feel special by addressing his/her specific needs. Segmenting helps you in understanding the specific behavior, emotions and lifestyle of your audience and thus write unique e-mails to each segment of your audience.


    Make your e-mails mobile friendly:

    Survey shows that 64% of American e-mail users delete their mails if they are not mobile friendly. So, making your e-mails mobile friendly is an obligation to avoid high bounce rate. Generate a pleasurable experience for your audience by sending them mobile friendly e-mails i.e. write crisp messages suiting mobile screens, include visuals, include call to action points etc. Mobile screens occupy audience attention for most of the time. Hence customizing e-mails for mobile phones will improve the open rate as the recipient will be able to check your e-mail immediately.

    online shopping with smart phone in woman hand

    Well Written Subject Lines:

    Subject lines are the first impression makers of your e-mail. A well written subject line intrigues your readers and motivates them to open and read the entire mail. A well- written subject usually reflects the essence of your mail in a short one-liner. Good subject lines are usually limited to 50 characters. It is not a hard bound limit but try to keep your subject line as short as possible.

    Incentivize e-mail subscription in social media:

    Incentivizing e-mail subscription will help to draw in new e-mail subscribers and increases the number of your prospects. It will also improve the open rate of your mails. Sharing sign-up forms, giving discounts on subscription, winning subscribers with sweepstakes are a few ways to use social media for adding subscribers.


    Develop and maintain an e-mail list:

    You must own and maintain an e-mail list which includes all the people who showed interest in your marketing initiatives and who are likely to open and read your mails. You must update the e-mail list from time to time with systematic analysis of email statistics, open rates, engagement rates, active subscribers, new prospects, new segments and the like.


    A systematic execution of e-mail marketing will enhance your customer loyalty and value. Keeping your fans updated about your brand will increase your brand value and recognition amongst your fans. It will also add new fans and improve the success rate of your business.

    The rewards of e-mail marketing are remarkable but it needs a string of regular activities to drive successful e- mail marketing. If you are already occupied with other marketing activities you might not have enough time for e-mail marketing. A cost effective option for busy marketers is to outsource e-mail marketing to virtual assistants. Errands like keeping and maintaining e-mail list, research and segmentation, sending regular mails are easily and efficiently handled by Virtual assistants.

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    Social Media: A nifty way for your business

    Social media is a significant facet of this digital era. Its influence is reflected by the striking metrics like over a billion audiences in popular social media sites, the annual user increment of around 11%, the remarkable engagement rate and the like. With its evolution over the last decade, social media has eventually become a reliable medium of commercial information. 65% of social media users consider information which is shared on social media while making their purchase decision. No wonder, social media has come to be an effective weapon for business professionals, especially savvy marketers.


    Some specifics about social media which will encourage you to use social media for your business are sorted out as follows:

    Social media offers you low – cost platform for advertising:

    Developing a social media strategy is the best way to decrease the marketing expenses in a business. While a 30 seconds TV ad pricing $350000 reaches a national audience a Facebook ad at a lesser cost reaches the global audience. So, social media gives you a better harvest for your marketing investments.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media offers you a wide audience reach:

    If your aim is a wide reach then social media is your best bet. Facebook has over 1 billion active users across different demographics, geography and cultural parameters. Twitter which is logged in by over 100 million users daily is mostly used by the age ran. The twitter users aging above 60 are also increasing.


    Social media enables your faster reach to audience:

    There is hardly anyone who does not have a social media account. More than 60% of the social media account holders use their social media accounts daily. This justifies the fact and assures you that social media has a faster and ascertained reach to your target audience.

    Social media offers you an intense user engagement:

    User generated content in social media earns sincere attention of users. Apart from this, most of the content comes off in appealing forms like engaging games, queries, video ads and the like.


    Social media hikes brand loyalty of your fans:

    Most of the content in social media is user generated and it flows in from reliable sources. Moreover social media exposes your brand to a wide audience and it enables you to interact with the audience. It’s a three tier effect: it introduces your brand to your young prospective fans, invokes curiosity about your brand and emboldens the faith of your already existing fans. All these help you to earn brand loyalty from your fans.

    Social media offers you the scope of better customer service:

    Social media helps you in understanding the sentiment of your audience for your brand. By following the social buzz and analysing social sentiment of your target audience you understand the exact needs of your customers and follow them up with the required service.


    While the above stated advantages of social media gives you good returns, using social media for your brand is not free from risks. One of the risks arises from the fast reach of social media. So, if it’s a positive buzz your brand may become the king of the market while if it’s a negative buzz, you brand may get affected. So, using social media requires your vigilance all the time. You have to keep an eye on the reactions of your audiences to your marketing activities and keep the buzz about your brand under control. Giving prompt responses to your audience queries, regulating negative posts with an appeasing reply and pivoting audience attention to positive posts help you to regulate the reactions of your audience.

    If you are infusing social media in your business strategies you must not miss out on these tips:

    Learn about the behaviour of your audience:

    Learning audience behaviour is a mixture of quantitative and qualitative process. It requires your intent observation, social sentiment analysis, search analysis etc. Learning about audience behaviour will help you to tune in your brand with your target audience.


    Do not beat the drum about your brand:

    Over promoting your brand will hamper your brand reputation. So, social media strategies must be objectified to win the heart of your audience rather than promoting your business. It should be customer oriented.

    Respond to messages and queries on time:

    Apt response to messages and queries from your audience helps you to earn new fans and maintain the relationship with already existing fans.

    Happy businesswoman with pictures interface in front of laptop on world map background

    Do not abuse the use of hash tags:

    The hash tags you use must be relevant to your business and must be popular at the time you make your post.

    Post at optimal frequencies:

    Posting at optimal frequencies increases the visibility of your brand in a social site. So, learn about the optimal frequency of posting in a particular site with real time posting as well as secondary research and post accordingly.

    Use the right parameters to measure the success of your brand:

    The ROI parameters tell you how effective have been your social media strategies and how you should proceed in the future. Choose the right parameters to evaluate your social media activities and earn rich returns.

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