Top tips to build your online business brand with your Virtual Assistant

When you build your online brand, you create your business signature in terms of your company name, the product or service you offer, your brand logo, the jingle, the tagline etc. Your online brand bolsters your business identity and thus your business becomes more worthwhile in the market. The otherwise naive crowd then starts to visit your website, clicks through your pages, likes and reacts to your social media promotions, and start engaging with your content present online. Gradually your brand buzz turns on. This is how doing right the online branding earns you wonder. However, online branding in itself is a challenging process.

Before going to build your business brand, you need to realize the essence of your brand and the risks associated with it.

  • Your online brand speaks for your business. So, before building it, get into the crux of your business, understand it, and determine what impression you want to create for your business.

  • Since your online brand is going to create your business impression in the market, you must ascertain that your brand is strongly likable. The brand elements like logo, name, jingle and tagline should be relevant to your business and attractive enough to make your customers and prospects feel happy whenever they approach your brand.

  • Your brand is going to build the trust amongst your clients; your brand is a promise of the value offered to your clients. In long run it determines whether your clients will like to avail services from you. So, the strength of your online brand determines your revenues and profits.

  • Your brand helps you to stand out of the competition. It convinces your prospects that your service/product is the best out of all the options they can choose from.

  • Though building a strong brand fetches you brownies, it’s not an easy process. You, as a small business owner or an entrepreneur are tied in the limit of resources, whether it is money, people or time. In addition, you are overwhelmed with too many responsibilities to handle. You need to manage somehow everything on your own. Hiring full time experts to help you with branding is too expensive. Despite of all these limitations you need expert inputs to fetch expected returns on your marketing investments. So the best solution is to hire an expert virtual assistant and involve him or her in the brand building process. There are Virtual Assistant service providers that have the knack of marketing and drive your marketing efforts with rich inputs. They will help you to reap the expected returns on your marketing investments.

    Before hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you in your marketing efforts, you should have some nifty tips to avail the best results of hiring a Virtual assistant. Here are some tips to avail the best out of Virtual Assistance for your brand building.

    Let your Virtual Assistant be a part of your business:

    Your Virtual Assistant is your remote assistant, who will serve you without his/ her physical presence in your organization. Your brand is the reflection of your business, its culture and objectives. So your Virtual Assistant should be familiar to these very important elements. Make him a part your business, instead of treating him like a third party agency or part-time worker. Let your Virtual assistant have the full knowledge about your business. Let him have a deep insight about your objective, the purpose of your brand, the culture of the organization.


    Content Creation:

    Your brand is closely related to the value offered by you with your products and services. It creates an identity of your business to increase the reputation in the market. Content chosen by you for your brand communication is going to create that identity for your brand. People like to invest in less risky products and services. Your brand identity is going to offset the risks for your prospects. Avail your Virtual Assistant’s help in creating communication message and content for your brand. Content helps you in growing fans for your business and shapes the identity of your brand. Hiring a content expert team in the form of Virtual Assistants is very critical step towards your brand building exercise.


    Educate the customers through your blogs and other online content:

    You have to prove the differentiated value your business offers to your customers. Your prospect have lots of other known brands to choose from; to win amongst all, you need to prove that your brand is better and stronger than the rest. Get your Virtual Assistant to create blogs and other informational content for your target audience, where you highlight your unique value proposition.


    Make your brand relatable:

    Build social value for your customers. Get the help of your Virtual Assistant to do a proper study of your target segment and understand their self image and social identity that they seek. You may hire a Virtual Assistant with market research skills and build your brand persona to diligently match the social need of your customers.


    Make an active presence in social media:

    An active presence in social media requires a lot of time and persistence. A Virtual Assistant offers you the best help in this field. Giving prompt responses to consumer queries, creating engaging content, posts and activities to increase the involvement of your consumers, and increasing the frequency of posts in social media will strengthen the identity of your brand and improve your Social Media Engagement.


    It’s time to come out of your worries of ‘Brand Building’. Build your online business brand through Internet marketing experts of GetFriday and Relax!

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    The Top Five Work-related Reasons For Stress And How To Bust Them

    When we feel threatened, our nervous systems release two main stress hormones- adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones cause our blood pressures to raise, hearts to beat faster and breaths to quicken. Stress is our bodies’ evolutionary way of preparing for stressful situations. Chronic day-to-day work-related stress can be a real killer. Let us take a look at the top 5 reasons for stress and some possible solution.

    1. Too Many Responsibilities

    We all want more responsibility and the authority that comes with it. This is especially applicable to busy individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners. However, when one person has way too much responsibility, the sheer overwork can lead to very high stress levels. The stress, though work-related, doesn’t take much time to creep into one’s personal life as well. Stress is called a silent killer, and with good reason. One doesn’t think of stress as a possible cause for various inexplicable health disorders, but stress is the culprit nevertheless. What can be done to avert this situation?


    2. Too Little Time To Manage Tasks

    Any entrepreneur or small business owner will understand the nature of the stress that occurs when there’s just not enough time to manage everything. Managing a business on one’s own or with minimal staff leaves literally no time for a personal life. When a person suffers continual stress while trying to make every minute stretch, the body is constantly thrown into overdrive. All vital organs are forced to work harder just to cope with the stress. It doesn’t have to be this way.


    3. Limited Resources Preventing Effective Job Execution

    A small business owner or individual entrepreneur has to manage a great deal with limited infrastructure and manpower. For a business person, limited resources can spell the end of creative entrepreneurship. Borrowing more capital is not the only way to resolve resource limitations, as it leads only to greater debt. Trying to manage stringent deadlines while struggling with limited resources can spell doom for small businesses.


    4. Worry Regarding Capital

    Financial worries can be a real killer; they can creep up on individual entrepreneurs and small business owners and plague them for the longest time. One strong reason for financial worries is overstretched capital. Small business owners and individual entrepreneurs take on too much and then struggle to complete pending projects. Needless to say, this only leads to loss of credibility and more financial worry.


    5. Lack of a Positive Work-life Balance

    Tired and overworked employees don’t make great assets. In order to ensure better employee performance, employers must learn to distribute workloads better. One should aim to strike the ideal balance between work and life; a fixed number of hours at work and plenty of time devoted to family, relaxation and hobbies. Good employers implement various strategies to ensure that their employees get plenty of challenge at work while maintaining good health and enjoying a hearty personal life.


    Possible Solutions To Alleviate Work-related Stress

    Various solutions are available to alleviate work-related stress. One can develop hobbies, take more breaks, do yoga, meditate, commune with nature and spend time with family. While these solutions are proven to reduce stress, some issues require a deeper look. Resource and manpower restrictions won’t go away through holistic solutions.

    Outsourcing is a great solution, freeing up resources, improving stress levels and positively impacting business bottom-lines. One can outsource time-consuming tasks such as customer management, administration, database management, marketing and more. Outsourcing can help alleviate work-related stress, streamline business processes and free up time to focus on what’s really important ? the business bottom line.

    Busy individuals and small business owners can now confidently outsource their time-consuming activities, from administration, operation, marketing, HR and more to GetFriday. There’s no need to suffer continual stress when GetFriday offers access to a pool of multi-faceted expertise and service.

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    Taking a Vacation? Try these tips to make a tiptop trip!

    Don’t you beam with happiness while narrating the tales of your exotic trips to your friends? You may be a globetrotter who doesn’t want to leave any corner of the world unseen or you may be a busy sales person who drives business outside from office or out of the city you live in. Be it for leisure or work, trips, no matter how small or big, are an inevitable part our lives. By now you would have gotten accustomed to the pros and cons of travelling and your trip diaries are a rich reservoir of your memories. It’s a fact that vacationing, though glamorous on the outside, can be quite tricky. Before reaping the sweet pleasures of a trip, you need to run a long list of dull errands like doing online research for flights, booking cheap flight tickets, reserving rooms in a hotel of your choice and within your budget, arranging commutation in the destination and the like. If you are a busy professional, these odd jobs can be stressful.

    For instance, you need to meet your clients in Tokyo tomorrow and you have simply not found the time to make the necessary travel arrangements. Making travel arrangements can take a huge chunk of your precious time if you want to get the best of your travel itinerary By focusing on these errands, you may forget to focus on other activities that are important i.e. working on that important presentation, making the necessary arrangements to have your inboxes filtered and checked, getting all the pre-travel shopping done for your spouse and kids or making sure that all your work has been duly handed over to a back-up employee. In simple words, making the arrangements for a trip should not soil the excitement of actually going on the trip and getting to the destination. Here’s what you can do to get all your pre-trip planning sorted.

    1. Define and understand the purpose of your trip:

    Every trip has a strong purpose behind it. If you are a business-owner and you are travelling for business, make sure you are prepped and focused on nailing that important business pitch with your clients and business partners. Focus on the core tasks i.e. making a convincing presentation, charting out new business ideas, etc. If you are planning a family trip, focus on selecting the perfect family-friendly destinations and channel your energies towards doing some research for sightseeing, leisure, shopping, travel etc.

    Side view of business lady, student, who is thinking about new business concepts. Drawn cloud with business icons on the black chalkboard.

    2. Make A List Of What You Want To Do During Your Trip:

    Once you have understood the purpose of your trip, take the next step and list out the activities you would like to do to make the trip a memorable one. For example if you seek adventure list out the activities that you will love to partake in. Start preparing for the trip accordingly. Get your suitcases packed with the clothes or gear that you will require for a leisure or business trip. Gather as much information as you can about the local adventure sports, the best guides, places to eat, shop and much more! The same applies for a business trip too. You need to jot down what you want to get done during the trip and plan accordingly.


    3. Make The Arrangements:

    Now that you have decided what you want to do on the trip, where you want to go and the purpose behind it, get down to actually booking your travel and sorting out the itinerary. Out of all the steps, arranging for flight/train tickets, accommodation and booking tours will take the longest time.


    If you don’t have the time and expertise to do this, you have a choice to take help from an expert who can get all of it done for you in half the time. A Virtual Assistant, perhaps? There are Virtual Assistant service providers like GetFriday who can help you offload mundane travel arrangement tasks such as these and give you more time to focus on all the other aspects that actually matter. Why break your head planning for the trip, when you should be enjoying it? Remember, going on a trip doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make all the arrangements on your own. As mentioned above, stick to focusing on the purpose of your trip and what you need to do when you get there. . Don’t take the stress of planning or preparing arrangements for a trip.There are Virtual Assistant experts to serve you at every step of your trip, be it booking tickets or picking a romantic restaurant for a candle light dinner during your honeymoon.

    Man Working in the Office Regarding Accounting

    With reliable Virtual Assistants, you should outsource all trip planning and arrangement tasks. Free up your time, focus just on business in the meanwhile, or just get into the holiday mode before boarding that flight. What use is it if you are going to burden yourself with all the pre-trip hassle?
    Outsource, sit back and enjoy a fruitful trip!

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    How You Can Leverage Social Listening To Boost Business Growth- What It Is & What You Can Do

    Social Listening To Boost Business Growth

    So, you are familiar with blogging and make sporadic appearances on message boards, commenting forums and your blog page. You are active on all social media accounts and as a result have an enviable digital presence. Does this make you feel like you have an advantage and can outdo your competitors? Don’t be too sure just yet.

    While forums, social media and blogging are essential for survival in a competitive business landscape, social listening is a crucial tool and can help you scale your business. Social listening is the act of monitoring or tracking various social media accounts, blogs, wiki pages, message boards and the like, to gauge the level of sentiments that people have towards a business and what they are saying about it. For instance, if you are following industry influencers, other well-known personalities who operate in the industry you work for and have a strong following by potential clients, there’s a very good chance that you will be followed or at least noticed too. Imagine what earning a blog link or a mention from an established personality can do for your following, brand and business growth.

    Social Listening Tips For Business

    Effective social listening can help boost sales for your business and more specifically, give you a competitive edge over your competitors. The question you need to be asking yourself is, how to leverage social media monitoring for better business.

    Social Listening Tips

    1.By Tracking Your Competitors’ Activities

    If you are active on social media accounts, you should ideally be tracking what your competitors are doing too. Check for their success stories and make a note of their slipups. By monitoring your competitors across social media platforms, you will also be able to keep a close eye on any new, development from their side be it improved product/services offerings, policies or other prominent changes that could positively impact their businesses.

    Track Your Competitors Activities

    2.By Monitoring Your Online Reputation

    It is imperative to learn what the world thinks about your business. Monitor all the social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, online review sites, blogs, forums and other platform for mentions of your company or brand. If you want to boost credibility (and also visibility!) ensure that you always respond to your clients on time, with thoughtful replies, apologies or other appropriate comments for every mention you get on the World Wide Web. Fail to do this and you might risk your reputation.

    Monitoring Your Online Reputation

    3.By Discovering New Ideas & Trends

    Set up social alerts to identify the emerging trends and fresh ideas that may be relevant to your industry. In doing so, you will be able to update your products or services and keep them up-to-the-minute.

    What You Should Do

    Now, that you know why it is important, it is crucial to understand ‘what’ you should ideally be doing to get started with social listening. Social listening is a fairly simple practice and can be done easily with the use of platforms such as Google Alerts, Social Mention, Topsy, Hootsuite and Icerocket. Platforms like these can help collect aggregate data, track keywords and mentions across important social media channels. All you have to do is set up your alerts and monitor your social conversations on a day-to-day basis. Remember that social listening is not a quick process. It requires a thorough understanding and dedicated commitment of at least half an hour everyday, apart from working on other activities. You will additionally need to schedule alerts, manage your inbox and maintain commitment with the other work you do on a daily basis for your business. If you are just starting out with social listening and you have a lot on your platter, you might end up making mistakes, losing out on time and patience.

    If you want to save on time and still get your social listening right, why not outsource and hand over this responsibility to a reliable, social media virtual assistant from a virtual assistance provider like GetFriday? Talk to your social media virtual assistant about what you are expecting, what is relevant to the industry you operate in, map out your competitors, etc. You can also monitor your virtual assistant’s work along the way and ask for regular reports, alerts or other notifications for the social listening activities. Why should you compromise on your productivity and do complex, specialist work when you can have a professional do it for you in half the time? Think about it. Wouldn’t it be better for you if someone else could take care of your social media accounts while you focused on growing your business or doing other activities that interested you?

    In order to stay competitive, it is essential to learn about your clients, competitors and what the Internet has to say about your brand at large. If you partake in social listening activities, you will be able to take online conversations from being a one-way street to interactive and thus, boost business growth.

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    AJ Jacobs Talks About His Experiences With Life Outsourcing Company, GetFriday

    GetFriday’s Virtual Assistance Services has won the hearts of many around the globe, due to their timely, professional personal and business support services. A fitting example of a happy client is the editor of Esquire Magazine, AJ Jacobs. AJ Jacobs is a New York Times bestselling author and journalist who has been on a long and fruitful journey with GetFriday for the past ten years. In the quest to improve his life, AJ Jacobs experimented with outsourcing and chose to work with GetFriday.

    In his testimonial video, AJ Jacobs recounts his experiences and throws light on how quickly and efficiently GetFriday’s Virtual Assistants responded to his needs and enquiries. In a light-hearted moment in the video, AJ Jacobs mentions that if he had outsourced the making of the video testimonial to Team GetFriday, they would have done a ‘quicker and a much more efficient’ job. He also talks about a gamut of services offered by GetFriday. From carrying out online purchases on his behalf to managing his e-mails, AJ Jacobs had a helping hand at every step of the way, with GetFriday’s Virtual Assistants.See how GetFriday’s Virtual Assistant can help you. It is a matter of great pride and honor for GetFriday, to have worked with AJ Jacobs.

    Just like AJ Jacobs, GetFriday has successfully served clients from different parts of the world across multiple domains and industries. GetFriday’s Virtual Assistants have proved that they are capable of multi-tasking and handling work, no matter how simple or complex. On a closing note, GetFriday eagerly looks forward to serving hundreds others and making a small difference to their lives in every possible way. Because, Life gets better with GetFriday!

    New to outsourcing? – Six Things You MUST outsource to a Virtual Assistant

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    WHERE DID ALL MY TIME GO? – A Beginner’s Guide To Simplifying Life & Work

    It is said that time is money but money can be redeemed when lost, while the same cannot be said for time. Do you often find yourself asking this question? “Where did all my time go?”

    Don’t hesitate, admit it. If this question pinches your heart every night when you go to bed, you know that there’s something drastically wrong with what you are doing with your life. But, do not fret. You are not an alien. Just like you, there are many others around the world who feel the pinch, when they think of where their time went. Let’s take for example, the life of an average, hard-working Joe – ‘Ben’.

    Ben’s Dilemma – A Story

    Ben lives in New York. He has a loving wife and a four-year old son. Ben is a small business owner and though he was proud of himself for starting his dream venture, he very quickly grew unhappy with his business, because he always seemed to be busy. This also impacted his relationship with his wife and son, who were always complaining about him not being around. Everyday, he had too much to handle on his platter. It was the same old charade, with e-mails, juggling bank accounts, attending meetings for investments and so on and so forth. Ben worked hard to meet both ends – his work and his family. But the harder he tried, the more he failed. But why did that happen?

    Ben dreamt of taking his business international , but his hopes were crushed when he started to notice that his clients and his profits began to fall because of the erratic schedules that Ben had to work with as a small business owner and also because he also had other responsibilities as a family man. Ben?s world started to fall apart. One fine evening, Ben returned to find his wife upset. She accused him and threw a fit because he had conveniently forgotten their anniversary. “How could you forget our anniversary?”, she yelled.

    Ben slowly started to realize that he desperately needed a quick solution to balance both, his work and life, otherwise he risked losing both. To make matters worse, Ben didn’t find time to play with his son either. Suddenly 24 hours in the day were not enough for Ben. He wished he had just one more hour in the day to sort his life out and get his business back in order. That’s when reality struck him. He had let his business and personal life slip out of control because he believed he could handle everything by himself. He slapped his head in embarrassment and asked himself, “Where did all my time go?”

    If this story rings a bell and feels extremely familiar, you should ask yourself one more question, “Why did all my time go?”

    But, there’s nothing to worry about just yet. Ben can bring back the balance and happiness in his life and so can you. It’s true that time can’t come back but the bigger truth is you can compensate for all the lost time by making the best use of time you already have in your hands. It is really not that hard to be happy! By making a few quick but drastic changes to your life, not only will your life become more manageable, but you’ll begin to believe that you have more hours in the day.

    1. Strike out the things you hate to do!

    Strike_out_the_things_you_hate_to_ do!

    Maybe you love to walk your dog, go for a swim, do the dishes or sing to your plants in your kitchen garden. But unfortunately, you are stuck with paying electricity bills, calling vendors for your business, arranging data or responding to ceaseless e-mails. If this sounds like something you don’t like to do, then why do it in the first place? Start by making a list of all the activities that you don’t like doing. Once you have done that you will be able to identify the areas that take away a lot of your time unnecessarily and you will be able to channel your energies and time better to other activities that actually need your attention.

    2. Make A List Of Everything You Did In The Past


    Now that you have eliminated the things you don’t like to do, you are already one step ahead to living a happier and a more productive life. To make it easier for you, also write down the list of activities that you indulged in before your life started to spiral out of control and you started to feel helpless. Think of all those activities that brought a smile to your face and de-stressed you rather than burden you mentally. Your goal now should be to allot at least 2-3 hours to pursue these activities that you love to do, every single day. In doing so, you’ll find that you are more relaxed and charged to take on the world. Sure, business is important, but not more important than you are. Give yourself a break once in a while. You deserve it.

    3. Make Time For The Activities That Don’t Interest You


    Now that you have gotten back to doing the things you love, you can finally look at squeezing in the other activities that once took up a lot of your time and you ‘thought’ required your attention. Be it making calls to clients, sifting through complicated bookkeeping work, handling administrative tasks for your business or just paying the regular bills for your house, slot at least 4-5 hours in the day for these activities. With 2-3 hours devoted towards doing what you love and 4-5 hours channeled towards other activities, you’ll slowly start to regain the lost work-life balance and still have a few more hours at your disposal at the end of the day!

    4. Or… Explore Other Options!


    If you find that you are still not able to strike the perfect work-life balance, even after making amends to your life, you are either doing it wrong, or you really do have a lot more in your platter than you can handle. If this is the case, explore other options to increase time and productivity. Outsource your work to a third party company or a Virtual Assistant, perhaps? Outsourcing all your mundane work to a professional, sitting halfway across the world from you, could probably be the best thing you can do for your business growth and life!

    Virtual Assistants are trained across a wide spectrum of disciplines, industries and verticals and can help you streamline your work and life just the way you want. By doing the right homework on a professional Virtual Assistance provider and a few e-mail exchanges, you will be well on your way to securing a helping hand that can work on business tasks, personal work and even specialist work like SEO, Content Creation, Bookkeeping or Market Research. Why be stressed yourself when a Virtual Assistant can handle all the work that you do not like to do, do not have the time to do or don’t have the expertise for?

    It can be quite a struggle to juggle business and personal life. This post intended to throw some light on a few simple steps that you can take to strike the perfect work-life balance, increase productivity, and make more time for yourself and for your business growth. If you are however, looking for a more permanent solution; one that you can count on, it would be prudent to consider outsourcing with a reliable, virtual assistance company like GetFriday. Take the right step for the sake of your life and business, and you will be well on your way to making renewed time for yourself, for your loved ones and your business.

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    Hear, Hear! Here’s Why Building Social Media Presence Is CRUCIAL For Your Business!


    Are you ready to get ahead of your competitors? Social media presence plays a significant role in determining whether you stand a chance against your competitors in search engine rankings. Strong brands and smart businesses almost always use social media to market their business and to voice their content. This positively affects their rankings on search engine results, one of the many benefits of building social media presence and marketing your brand through social media channels. If Hubspot statistics are anything to go by, 92% of marketers claimed that social media channels were extremely important to their businesses. Why? Scroll further to find out –

    1.Brand Exposure


    Social media channels are perfect to voice the content you have in mind for your brand. It can help make your brand more recognizable for existing clients, bring in more visibility for prospective clients and also make uninterested clients re-consider your brand because of your wide, social media presence.

    2.Building Credibility


    Building your presence on social media channels will increase your followers and this in turn, can lead to an increase in marketing power. Every positive interaction you have with a client could increase chances of a subsequent conversion. Ranking higher in search engines like Google should be your top-most priority. As your social media presence increases over time, so will the credibility for your brand.

    3.Making Competition Irrelevant

    Making Competition Irrelevant

    Forget about beating competition. Your aim should be to make competition irrelevant. A great way to start would be by building social media presence. Are you simply going to watch your competitors race ahead after all the effort you put into building your brand? Think of what a potential customer might think if he/she has visited your website and has learnt that they can?t follow you because you don’t have a social media account? If your social media presence is non-existent, so is your brand.

    4.Drives Website Traffic

    Social engineering concept: horseshoe magnet capturing crowd of color human figures isolated on white background

    Hashtags are a great tool to help your content travel and get your brand out into relevant conversations. The more social media accounts you set up and the more hashtags you use, the better the chances of clients getting routed back to your website. All the content you post on these social media forums creates more opportunities for new visitors, more leads and higher conversion ratios. It may also interest you to know that some of the world’s top companies have adopted the hashtag almost completely to drive more traffic, leading to a 12% increase in overall engagement. Need we say more?

    Although the benefits are plenty, it is no secret that juggling multiple social media accounts can be a hassle, especially if you have a growing business to handle or if you are busy with other work. When you neglect social media, or if you don?t have the right understanding or know-how to operate or market your brand effectively through social media channels, there’s a high possibility that you may end up losing out on business growth and revenue. If you don’t want that to happen to you, outsource all the heavy-lifting to a reliable Virtual Assistance company. GetFriday, perhaps?

    Hire A Social Media Expert!

    Yes, you can now outsource your social media accounts to a personal, social media virtual assistant – one who is up-to-date with new social media trends, hashtags and can carry out micro-blogging for the industry you operate in. All you need to do is, do your homework on the right outsourcing partner, sit back and outsource! Hiring a Social Media Virtual Assistant can ensure that your networks are up-to-date with keyword-rich content, are in line with your business objectives and your brand. Additionally, your social media virtual assistant can also post relevant information and images a number of times in the day, to make your brand appear ‘socially active’. This will draw more leads to your websites, result in more conversions as well as positively impact Google’s rankings

    Take your business to the next level. Understand the importance of building solid social media presence. If you haven’t gotten that far and don’t know where to start, cut through the chase and outsource. You’ll find that it will be easier to manage your business online if you have a dedicated, social media virtual assistant who can get your brand message out in a cost-effective manner and time your social media activities to reap optimum results!

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    Six Things You MUST outsource to a Virtual Assistant

    Focus is one of the biggest secrets to success. So, start focusing on the core tasks of your business. But, what if you have a long, boring list of trivial tasks to handle before you can even begin to focus on the core tasks? What if you are too confused and can’t figure out what you should be focusing on? Aren’t these questions becoming barriers to your business growth?

    Today, many start-ups and small business owners suffer from the ‘superhero syndrome’ -a condition where business owners believe they can take on anything and everything on their own! While taking responsibility for your business is good, juggling too many hats at the same time, could eventually lead to your downfall, as you slowly begin to lose focus on the core tasks and what you should ideally be concentrating on as a business owner. You start dissipating your valuable resources across trivial tasks which can be better taken care of by someone else. This is where the need for a convenient solution arises.

    If you are seriously looking at business growth or a balanced, personal life, you must think of hiring a Virtual Assistant. Now, before you get all excited and make a hasty decision of hiring a Virtual Assistant, ask yourself if there are aspects of your life that you need a break from and if there is a long list of other activities that you need to focus on. Once you have filtered out the activities that are best handled by a third party provider like an outsourcing company, you can then finally get down to hiring a Virtual Assistant.If you are new to outsourcing and don’t know where to tread yet, let us take a look at some of the tasks that you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant.

    Managing e-mails


    Managing e-mails can be a whale of a job. Sifting through junk and responding to countless e-mails can eat into a good chunk of your productive time. Consider outsourcing e-mail management to a reliable virtual assistant. It will free up a lot more of your time than you would have imagined. Trust us!



    We all know how monotonous bookkeeping can get. It involves the time-consuming process of recording bills, invoices, payments etc. Imagine how much you can achieve in your business or personal life with the free time you get after outsourcing bookkeeping tasks to your virtual assistant! Numbers can get harrowing and with a Virtual Assistant in the picture, you won’t have to worry about one more complicated entry or computation.

    Online Research


    Online research is another important task that many individuals and businesses carry out in their day to day lives. It also consumes a good fraction of your precious time. Online research, if outsourced, can earn you that much-needed time to focus on the activities that matter the most to you and that are crucial to your business.

    Travel and trip arrangement


    We all know how much effort goes into planning a journey. One may face a lot of hurdles along the way when it comes to booking a hotel to suit the budget, hiring a taxi, booking cheap flight tickets and the like. With the help of a virtual assistant, focus on the destination and let your Virtual Assistant take care of all the nitty-gritties of making your journey a comfortable one.

    Setting Reminders/Calendar management


    A well-managed calendar can help you sail smoothly through the month. Setting reminders is also an integral part of a well-maintained schedule. Outsource your calendar management activities to a Virtual Assistant and rest assured you will never miss another important deadline or family event!

    Data Entry


    Data entry is a simple task but can be monotonous and tiresome. Consider outsourcing data entry to a Virtual Assistant. It will give you a lot more time to do the things you love.

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    Things You Should NEVER Outsource As a Small Business


    As a small business owner, it can be a real struggle to stay at the “top of things”. What you should ideally be focusing on is how to run your business and attract new prospects. Like any business however, the things you may want to do may slam into the things that have to be done on a daily basis.

    A great way to free up some time so that you can focus on growing the business is by engaging an experienced Virtual Assistant from an experienced outsourcing provider like GetFriday. A Virtual Assistant could be the answer to your growing business demands and help offload run-of-the-mill tasks like handling social media accounts as well as mundane jobs like contacting clients, email management, setting up reminders or devising a travel itinerary for you.

    The possibilities are endless!

    If you have decided to take the leap, be wary, because a bad outsourcing decision can be costlier than not outsourcing in the first place. Keeping that in mind, this post highlights three of the major things that you should NOT outsource as a small business and that are best handled internally.

    Take a look!

    1. NEVER Outsource Your Core Competencies

    GetFriday-Virtual-Assistance-NEVER-Outsource-Your-Core-Competencies-768x401Never make the mistake of farming out your core competencies to virtual assistants. If you are a tech start-up, do not subcontract your technology or if you are a recruiting firm, don’t outsource your recruiters. Figure out what your company is really good at doing and outsource the auxiliary services that are related to these core competencies, if you must.

    Let us take the following example. You could hire virtual assistant specialists to write and edit the content that you want to include in your inbound marketing efforts. But make sure that your in-house team makes the business or the editorial decisions as to how the content has to be written, what topics should be covered or the channels that should be used to propagate the content. Part of developing an effective outsourcing plan is to understand what your company is really good at doing and keep it in-house. Outsource the rest to a dependable, virtual assistance service provider.

    2. NEVER Outsource What You Don’t Understand

    GetFriday-Virtual-Assistance-NEVER-Outsource-What-You-Dont-Understand-768x401There are probably a hundred things that you might want to outsource at the moment, such as getting an assistant to manage your CRM, designing a shopping cart, developing a WordPress website and so much more! While most of these can be outsourced, if you don’t really comprehend how they work precisely in accordance to what you need – be it now or later, you could end up investing a lot of money on something that you’ll end up substituting very soon.

    For example: You are unsure of how to create an online shopping cart, but you know that you require one that connects to your catalogue, can be easily modified, agrees for coupons etc. Even if you don’t know how to manually design a shopping cart, you will at least know how it works from an operational point of view. This is a situation that is considered safe for outsourcing. However, if you don’t understand the basics of how online shopping carts work at all, it is not advisable to blindly outsource it to a third party like a Virtual Assistant company. Chances are, you will never find out if the solutions they have recommended are effective enough. This is especially true when it comes to outsourcing software issues or technology and if you are a start-up. By relying on Virtual Assistants from the onset, you may miss out on the chance to understand the full picture on how the technology works. Outsource only what you need to. Ensure that the teams in charge have at least a basic understanding of what needs to be accomplished and the yardsticks that will be used to evaluate the final suggestions.

    3. NEVER Fully Outsource Your Brand Identity

    GetFriday-Virtual-Assistance-NEVER-Fully-Outsource-Your-Brand-Identity-768x401If you are starting out, you need to focus on brand-building. Understand that you will attract more opportunities if you have built an effective brand strategy. Think of whether you have created an effective logo or brand message that will go on to resonate with your future clients. While there are Virtual Assistant professionals who can help build your brand message, tag lines or designs; your message and your brand identity need to strictly come from YOU. This is because, only you and your in-house teams know what it stands for and how the brand needs to be communicated to target audiences.

    Even if you insist on outsourcing this aspect to the experts because you don’t have the time for it yourself, you need to at least be involved in the logo/brand creation process every step of the way so, that your brand still retains your identity. For example, would you mind walking into a tattoo studio and letting the tattoo artist instinctively create what he/she wants to, onto your skin? Tattoos are permanent and the first impressions that people get of your brand, are equally indelible. Though the tattoo artist will be creating the final art work, your inputs on how you want it done, the styles, colours or the design will solely come from you and will echo your thoughts/experiences. Now, think of your brand in the same way Would you want to fully outsource your brand identity to a third party?

    You might think that you can subcontract every small task to your Virtual Assistant. Though there are a lot of tasks that you CAN outsource to your virtual assistants, certain aspects such as the ones mentioned above, could risk colossal business damage. You need to do some prior homework on what your company does best, understand when the right time is to outsource and the credibility of your outsourcing provider.

    What do you think? What are some of the functions or tasks that you will never outsource?

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    Four Fool-Proof Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block With a Virtual Assistant


    Writer’s block is something every writer struggles with at some point in their lives. Since the lifeblood of every writer’s success lies in their ability to churn out quick quality content, a writer’s block could throw you off balance, especially if you have strict deadlines to meet.

    The feeling of not being ‘good enough’ to write is all too familiar. But most of the time, a writer’s block is not really a ‘block’ at all. It’s just endless self-criticism and a noiseless outburst of the ‘stress’ you experience when you have to produce work that will not be viewed by your readers as flaming pieces of garbage. If people pen their thoughts down without worrying too much about perfecting the sentences, the flow of writing improves and gives the writers a rough skeleton to work with for later. Contrary to popular belief, a writer’s block usually occurs during the initial phases of writing and is common among professional writers, novelists, academicians, researchers and the like.

    Many a time, people put their lives on hold until they can find the inspiration to write. Some of the activities that people indulge in for inspiration include going through ‘how-to’ blog posts on overcoming writer’s blocks (shooting myself in the foot?), taking long walks outside, completing household chores, reading poetic novels or hoping to find some inspiration by watching the plants in their backyards grow. Though these may provide stimulus for some, it does not necessarily work all the time.

    What You Should Ideally Be Doing?

    Writers have to invest countless hours of research and pore over a number of resources before they actually get down to writing the first few drafts.

    With hours of prep work, professional writers almost always struggle for time. All this creates an even bigger problem if the writer is prone to experiencing writer’s blocks every now and then. The trick to overcoming a writer’s block is to work around the problem smartly. Though a request for help with writing at this point may be perceived as a critical weakness, it is in fact one of the smartest things a writer can do for his/her writing, without taking away the glory they deserve.

    Hiring a Virtual Assistant can give you enough room to work around your creativity and will give you the space to write at leisure without letting the brass tacks or prep work get in the way. Though indirectly, this could help with overcoming writer’s block because you will have fewer things to worry about and will be able to concentrate better on the composition of your thoughts. Leave the research, keyword searches, vocabulary sheets and lots more to your VA. You’ll find that no matter what you compose, be it an online blog or a book, outsourcing a few aspects of preparatory writing work to a personal virtual assistant can definitely ease the pressures of a writer’s block.

    Get your VA to:

    Do The Research Work


    Whether you are working on a research paper or writing a blog series, you will be required to do some amount of research if you want your final, written piece to look credible. Engaging your audience is crucial and presenting data or checking out the facts behind people, locations, characters and subjects can help you do just that.

    For example, in the following two sentences, you’ll notice a difference in how the information is presented. The research and detail that goes into the second sentence will make you understand why the second sentence will be considered more reliable in the eyes of a reader.

    Example 1

    “Mike stole an orange bag from the Selfridges store and ran out as quickly as he could.”

    Example 2

    “Mike stole an expensive, orange, suede satchel from the Selfridges store and ran out as quickly as he could.”

    A reader would most definitely be drawn to the second line, because it is a lot more descriptive and also gives the illusion that the bag is stolen from the store actually exists at Selfridges. The devil is in the details and carrying out proper research before any kind of writing, will only make your writing piece honest.

    If you are starting out as a writer, you may not know where to look for information. Even if you do, you may find that ‘research’ can get exasperating and take up a lot of your time. That’s where a Virtual Assistant steps into place. No matter what online research you require for writing your blog, book or paper, you can outsource ‘research work’ of various natures to your VA and focus more on composing your written work.

    Generate Blog Post Ideas & Page Optimization

    If you are struggling with finding suitable keyword-rich titles for your blog posts, give your Virtual Assistant a rough idea of what you are expecting in terms of the title for the post and what the blog will contain. Your VA will carry out all the keyword research required to target the right audience and also come with up ideas for your next blog posts. Apart from this, get your VA to keep your blog pages optimized and can carry out competitor research so that you can gauge where you stand. All this data, presented in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand format by your VA, should be able to ease a part of the writer’s block and give you the freedom to write your piece in a relaxed manner.

    Drafting Blog Posts


    If you continue to have a problem with writing in a lucid manner or you are not finding the time to complete your blog for the week, have your specialist Virtual Assistant work on a draft for you. All you will have to do in the end is go through it, format the content and hit the ‘publish’ button. Your Virtual Assistants, being jacks of all trades, are also talented wordsmiths. You’ll be surprised with the lucrative ideas they give you and the quality work they can come up with! They can handle all your website content work or if you require help writing your blog posts, statements of purposes, product descriptions or marketing content, they’ll get it done for you in half time.

    Proofread Your Work At Every Stage


    Writing is just the first part of the problem. Once you have worked on the skeleton draft, you will have to string it all together for it to make more sense. That’s where proofreading and editing the content comes into play. Whether you need help with re-structuring sentences, use of appropriate vocabulary, spotting and correcting errors in spelling or grammar, outsource the task to your Virtual Assistant. Writing can be an extremely tiring activity and by the end of your piece, you will probably be left with very little or no energy to go over what you’ve written with a keen eye.

    Virtual Assistants are trained to pay attention to the smallest details so, getting timely help with proofreading the errors and polishing your written work can help make all the difference to the final output. What’s more, this will make it seem like you never struggled or faced a writer’s block in the first place!

    If ever you get stuck with writing, don’t panic. Follow the steps outlined above and never shy away from getting professional help when required. If you have a shed-load of other work that needs your undivided attention and you are not able to devote time to any of it because you are stuck with making your drafts look pretty, don’t bother! Have your VA take care of all your work for you. You’ll notice that over time, the writer’s block will wane in obscurity and your writing too, will improve!

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