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E-books are a digital version of a normal book and are meant to be an easy-to-carry alternative to a book. If you happen to have a website, there is a good chance that visitors who come to the site happen to search for an E-book. Depending on the type of website you own, it is always a good idea to have an e-book on the site, which can be downloaded freely by the site visitors. Apart from creating a good landing page, it is always a good idea that a free e-book will make the visitor come back for more the next time around.

Staring off, e-books are books in electronic format which can be downloaded on PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or on any reading device and can be read on the screen. An Ebook can also be purchased online, just like any other item – the only difference being that you would be directed to a download page or a link where you would be able to read the book. After downloading the book, you need not stay online, the book remains available for reading. Now there is huge debate around normal books and e-books. This article seeks to provide certain insights into the type of arguments that generally surround e-books:

  • Ebooks are delivered almost immediately to the readable device. There is no need to wait for it in the mail.

  • Many Ebooks today come along with bonuses, which is not available with normal books.

  • Ebooks take up less space, they can be easily stored in a readable device. It is not necessary to build a library to keep the books.

  • They can be taken and read anywhere, without really worrying about the weight.

  • Ebooks are searchable. You can easily search for information on an Ebook.

  • They can be interactive and can incorporate audio, video and animation, which can enhance the message, the author is trying to convey.

  • Fonts in the Ebooks can be resized, helpful for people with disabilities. With additional software e-books can be converted into audio books.

  • With these advantages in mind, a website owner should be eager to put-up free Ebooks on his website. However, it is equally important for owner to understand the arguments in favor of giving away Ebooks for free on the website. These are some of the points of view that will help a website owner to make up his mind regarding free Ebooks.


    It is a known fact that an average person will not spend his hard earned cash on a new author. But there is a good chance that people who visit the site will download a free Ebook when given a chance. This will ensure the author of the book will get enough publicity and limits the risk to the reader of buying an EBook from an unknown author.



    There is a good enough chance that a new author might not be easily accepted by the readers. There can be several rejections for a new author from the publishing houses. Meanwhile, it is equally possible that a new author would find it easy to publish a free Ebook and gather review and feedback from interested readers. These can be used by the author to tweak his writing and subject to garner enough loyal audience to help publish his/ her full fledged book. This equally applies to writers, who lack confidence in their writing to take the same path.



    After having written a successful Ebook, it is certain that people will know you through the success of your book. You could be known in industrial circles as a go-to person regarding a specific domain. This, in the long run, will help you gather a network of like-minded persons and to be known as an expert in the domain is an added advantage. This will go a long way in creating robust personal network, which would definitely help your business in the long term.



    A successful free Ebook will help you reap links from other website to yours. Even reviews and embedded social media buttons will help spread the word on the internet about your free Ebook. These are the means to generate positive leads for your business. Who said generosity is not good for business?


    After having made the case for giving away free Ebooks, most authors/ business owners are not professional writers, they own a business & workloads and writing remains a hobby on the sidelines. This calls for making life easy as a business owner and outsource the work of writing the Ebook to professionals. At GetFriday, you could hire a virtual assistant to write an Ebook for your website or do the basic research to get started on the Ebook. This will not only help you with all the advantages mentioned above, you could also free up time for other things that you enjoy.

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