Tips to convert your web traffic

Every business website should be able to attract enough traffic and also be able to convert the traffic into potential customers. There are several ways to do it. This article talks about a few key tips for converting the web traffic into potential customers:

High quality content

Having high quality content means updated information and authentic material about the business & services offered in the form of About Us, Contact Us or Customer Service Information. It is important for a business website to create a sense of trustworthiness and be regarded as an expert in a particular domain among its visitors and potential customers. This ensures that the website maintains a high recall value. It also ensures that more visitors get converted into customers.

High quality content

Create a good landing page

Having a high quality landing page (s) is one of the key strategies companies can adopt to get more traffic on the site. High quality landing pages will have clear and concise headlines, sub-headlines, high quality images, high-value proposition, live-chat support to attract more visitors. At times, when one page does not do the trick, websites can have multiple landing pages to get their different type of visitors to stay on the website.

Create a good landing page

Have a blog

A blog can ensure that the website is up-to-date on current events on the specific subject. If the website has a consistent stream of visitors who receive solutions to their problems through the blog. These people will have enough reasons to come back to the blog again. And considering the blogs succeeds at a reader’s level, it can ensure that the visitors register for the blog for regular updates.

Have a blog

Call to Action (Create a prominent call to action)

Anybody who comes to the website needs to be asked to commit to an action on having reached the website. On having reached the homepage, the visitor needs to be guided to a call to action (CTA).It could be as simple as “Sign-up for Free” or “7-Day Trial”. This will ensure the visitor takes the required action on the website. Without a call for action, the website might be popular but the bounce rate would remain high.


Testimonials and customer reviews

Word of mouth is an important phenomenon in the marketing domain. Testimonials and customer reviews are to be taken very seriously by the website owner. Having them on the site immediately establishes trust and authenticates the purpose of the company. This in turn, improves the chances of turning a visitor into a customer.

Testimonials and customer reviews

Unique, interesting and persuasive content

Apart from high quality content, the website should boast of well-researched content that is unique. It is also good, if the writing style is persuasive so that it serves as a key tool in converting the visitors. The aim here is to increase the stickiness and decrease the bounce rate of the site.

Keep forms only to the essential

Nowadays, every website has a set of forms to be filled-in. Some of these forms could be quite long and cumbersome which could be a turn off. The ideal form should be short, not exceeding 4-5 fields. If it exceeds this limit, it is seen that the visitor tends to abandon the site altogether. Keeping it to a bare minimum is the trick to make him register on the site.

Offer a toll free number and make it visible

With landing page and call to action in place, it is important to follow up on these steps with a provision for a toll free number. This will ensure that the visitor gets in touch with the website owner if required. The phone call will also help identify that the visitor as serious and with a potential to becoming a customer.

Offer a toll free number and make it visible

Allow visitors to reach for the products in fewer clicks as possible

Whatever your product may be, it is essential that the visitor on the site reaches the product or the topic of interest easily without having to sift through too many pages. The more the visitor struggles to reach the actual product, the greater is the chance of him leaving the website. Hence, it is amply important that he reaches the product and service with minimum number of clicks as possible.

Collateral materials (Ebook, whitepapers, case study)

Even if a customer is not interested in a site, it is always a good idea to gift the visitor with something when he comes to the site. This could be an E-book, whitepapers or a case study for free. This could significantly improve the chances of the visitor coming back to the site to get converted a customer in the future.

Implementing all the above mentioned tips for winning more conversions is time demanding. So, outsourcing some of the above tasks to a Virtual Assistant may reduce your work stress as well as enrich your inputs.

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