A Guide To Maximize Output With Your Virtual Assistant


'Insights' is an internal team at GetFriday, working very closely with entrepreneurs and small business owners all across the globe. GetFriday's Insights team consist of the sales, marketing, SEO, content and operations professionals of the company, who are all very dedicated towards their work and who strive to engage, inform and impart valuable knowledge and research to business professionals across multiple industries.

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  1. Virtual Assistants might focus on blogging, social media interaction, general administration, scheduling, content creation, or likely some combination of these.

  2. If I may add to the desirable qualities is the (4.) willingness to be trained. Even if the person (VA) know the task, but your own task s/he doesn’t know yet. Even if new task come at hand, if s/he doesn’t want to be trained it is not worth it to have her/him. That’s what we emphasize to our own VA; learn, relearn and adept to changes that may come.

  3. Thumbs Up.Awesome information

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