Quickbooks and Virtual Assistance – a golden duo for book-keeping


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  1. It’s a wise move to automate the accounting portion of your online store. You not only give yourself the time to allocate your resources elsewhere while assuring accuracy and consistency over the foundation of your company. QuickBooks and Shopify may be integrated to automatically submit and save your store transactions. When A2X is included, the specifics of these transactions are recorded and made available to you, guaranteeing that you have access to all the data you require as an e-commerce seller on your financial activities.

  2. Perhaps there are some circumstances where a person’s pre-tax income is delivered precisely as is merited; these would be exceptional and lucky coincidences. However, just because you make £X before taxes does not mean that you are entitled to £X in any ethically important sense. Money you receive from the market may not always be money you deserve. You undoubtedly worked hard for that money, contributed to the common good, and had unique skills that others don’t have, among other things.

  3. The online account is a real time account and it can be availed by paying a monthly fee. The desktop account is accessible only when the account manager shares the details with an authorized person and one can use a desktop account with installed payments. So, one may avail any of these QuickBooks accounts as per one’s convenience.

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